Bespoke Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

With over 15 years of experience in delivering high quality software projects, zumey’s proprietors are all but new to software development. Our field of expertise in developing business applications stretches from local clients in Spain, The Netherlands and the UK through the financial district The City of London to global players in Logistics, Telecommunication and Digital Media.

Delivering Value

All our development projects, regardless of their size, are run by specialist software and IT-services project managers, qualified to adopt the most suitable delivery method for your project, for example using a flexible, agile approach or a formal up-front agreed waterfall approach. Nonetheless, regardless of the delivery method being used, Zumey believes the key to success is to create a customer centric, value driven environment, focused on open communication in which value is delivered systematically.

Managing your Project

We also understand that, when the application is ready, cross-functional management expertise is critical to implement software projects successfully in your business. This is why we provide end-to-end implementation management, either as a service or by selecting and providing the right interim resources for your project, people who understand how to deliver Zumey value and drive your software project to a succesful close.

Flexible Expertise

Whether your business is small or medium-sized and looking to develop a sales platform or a global enterprise in search of a high-volume line of business application, zumey provides the flexibility and all the required end-to-end expertise for any size development project. Examples of the zumey develop portfolio include:

  • Our Office 365 migration toolsuite
  • Cloud-based mobile marketing platform
  • Geotargeting service for determining country of origin
  • Secure logistics foreign currency processing application
  • Real estate sales platform with mobile salesforce solution
  • Planning and reporting platform for schools with external parent access

Licensing Models

Depending on the nature of the application to be developed, in accordance with your requirements, zumey may adopt either the customer-confidential or the zumey-proprietary licensing model. Respectively, this means that either all programming code and artifacts are owned by you, the client or the application remains the property of zumey and will be non-exclusively licensed back to you.

Strategic Partnership

We believe that a strong, transparent partnership between client and supplier is fundamental to earning mutual value. When the last line of code has been written and the application is deployed to a production environment, our continuous service delivery model include operational support, maintenance, training and tactical feature enhancements. If required, our experienced program management consultants are happy to assist with determining your project priorities with strategical, technical advice. Uncover the real cost and potential value of the projects in your approval and prioritisation pipeline and focus on those that matter.

Software as a Service

To minimise upfront investment in the required hardware and infrastructure for a new application or business platform, our recommendations often include to operate the Software as a Service (SaaS). In simple terms this means the system is fully hosted and maintained in a virtual environment, a so-called "Cloud". This environment is securily accessible, as required, by you and your customers, as well as by zumey for support and maintenance. Not only are upfront costs cut dramatically without any compromise on security, accessibility and flexibility, SaaS also scales up or down together with the demands of your business.

Outside of software development, we also provide services to migrate and manage all or part of your infrastructure, including email, public web-site, file and print services, etc. to a cloud-based infrastructure.