Services Overview

We understand that your business is founded on a unique, sparkling idea that you invested a lot of time and energy in to develop into a business. Hey, after all we're in the same boat here at zumey and it would be great if we could help you out with the expertise and techniques and software we use ourselves on a day-to-day basis.

Spark New Potential

Of course you want to concentrate on running your core business and that may not include spending time or money on external marketing or actively generating sales leads. We know like most other entrepeneurs how much time and money is easily invested in marketing. Especially in a small- to medium sized business environment, marketing budgets may be very small or even non-existent. We are here to help you maximise your budget or even convert your current, zero-budget marketing approach, into an approach that will undoubtedly spark new ideas and new customer potential for your business.

Digital Media

A good start for any business is to have an online presence, a website. But how well is your website actually performing? Is the objective of your website being met and fulfilling all its potential? More often than not, the answer is no. Fortunately, sparking a real return on investment from your website is not rocket science. Even though many consultants will try and make it sound terribly complicated, using acronyms such as “SEO”, “SERP’s” and how your “meta tags” are preventing you from ranking.

Here at zumey we are a bit more down to earth about the whole thing. First of all, we’ll just do it all for you so no need to go on about it (unless you really want to know, in which case we’re happy to share our thoughts in detail). Second, we believe that having a great website with great, well designed and well delivered content is by far the most important factor. Hence, that’s what we’ll concentrate on.

Zumey Presence

Our website design and hosting product is called Presence. As the name implies, included is everything necessary to provide you not just with a website but with a great online presence. Whether this is a brand new website or re-launching an existing site, included are the analysis, design and content (-migrations) for building the best possible representation for your organization. Before we launch your site, unlike just a site design, we will make sure we fully understand the objective: what are the requirements for your site, what do you wish your visitors to achieve on your site? We will focus on the right balance between design, functionality and usability. Afterwards, we will use visitor analytics to see if we had it right and, if not, we can respond accordingly.

All our presence sites are fully managed, meaning that you do not have to have any technical or other concerns about the day to day running of your site. You will have access, so changes can be made directly by whoever you appoint, but we are equally happy to publish content changes for you. We’ll even design a new promo image if required as part of the deal.

So that we sleep well at night too, all our presence sites are monitored 24 x 7 so that if there is an unforeseen issue, we will be the first to know. Issues are very rare though, greatly due to our servers being backed by on one of the world’s most solid and reliable (99.9% uptime) infrastructure providers.

But of course, a great website is not all there is to digital media and a solid online presence. Social media is one other factor to be taken into account and therefore zumey will make sure your business or organisation is seamlessly represented as part of our presence product.

Zumey InTouch

One of our best performing turnkey products is called InTouch. This will allow you to pro-actively get in touch with your customers through, primarily, email but also through social media channels – a good example being Facebook. We will maintain your contacts and sales leads and design and send e.g. the emails.

We will also keep track of important statistics to help us, together with you, analyse the success of your intouch campaign. This includes tracking of email openings, clicking on links, spam reports and unsubscribes. We follow industry standard guidelines, such as CAN-SPAM, for avoiding being blocked as a spammer. It can get a bit complicated but, as always, we will worry about that side of things for you.

Volume Licensing

If you are an organisation with at least 5 employees, you may already find Volume Licensing for, for example, Microsoft and Adobe products a cost-reducing option versus purchasing retail licenses. We are authorised and certified resellers with the experience to help you select the most appropriate and cost-effective Volume Licensing program on the often daunting market.

Free Analysis

If you are interested in zumey’s services, why not contact us today; we are always happy to provide a free-of-charge quotation or an analysis of your current website and any other digital marketing efforts. We will be very honest in our assessment, but that’s the basis of any solid partnership.