Search Engine Optimization: Reach

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a skill often misunderstood to mean how to "Rank No. 1 [in Google]". Whilst your site appearing in the top 10 search engine result pages (SERP's) is a great objective, more important is to understand what your customers are searching for and rank at the top for those keywords and increase quality traffic to your site.

Most businesses have major competition for that #1 spot in Google or Bing. Our expertise in optimizing your website for search engines will help turn SEO in probably one of the best marketing investments you have ever made. We cannot guarantee a #1 ranking, but we will ensure that all influencing factors - either direct or correlated - are optimized and continue to be optimized.

Factors in the Search Engine Optimization Cycle

We do this on the basis of the demographics you provide us with, such as your customer profiles and target markets. We review your competitors. In addition, we use critically important statistical information from the analytics tracking code we install on most websites.

Our sites are, by default, already highly optimized to perform well in search engines. The most time-consuming part is usually writing sufficient, relevant content and not to mention translating this to target cultures. Zumey can assist in writing editorial copy and fast, human content translations.

Ranking high in the SERP's can take considerable time. To boost high quality traffic to a site we also provide Google Adwords Management, a perfect companion to SEO, both when the organic results (non-paid results) are still in the making and as part of an ongoing digital marketing strategy. For a small management fee we continuously review and adjust your campaigns to yield maximum ROI.

Google AdWords, when set-up and managed correctly, have brought our customers remarkable amounts of new business.