Live Website Chat

Live Website ChatTo provide industry-leading live chat to our customers, we have partnered with JivoChat, a professional chat for websites, developed to drive online sales. Of course, we are happy to recommend JivoChat thanks to our great experience with this provider. It simply works. As you can see, our own sites also have this installed. 

Increase your sales up to 5 times

Site conversion could be increased up to 5 times and the average checkout total up to 2 times, thanks to the effective easy-to-use features of JivoChat. What's more, sign-up through us and we'll help you with your initial setup of up to 5 agents, totally free!

Simply use this link to sign up to JivoChat... or chat directly with us and we'll take care of the entire setup process. If you are one of our existing managed-hosting customers, use Orchard CMS or WordPress, we can get you chatting the same day. And if that's not enough, don't forget to ask us about any discounts we may be able to arrange!

Increase agent productivity

Live chat is an important and much easier communication channel than telephone support. Your agents can accept multiple chats simultaneously, not something that is easily achieved on the phone. In addition, the software does not only support websites, but can also integrate with Facebook and your mobile app, consolidating your agents chat-activity into a single client.

If required, we can develop an interface between your existing CRM-System and the Chat-System.

Improve your conversion funnel

The chat client on your website uses proactive invitations to the website visitor to promote that all-important first contact with the customer. Moreover, the agent software shows each visitor, the page they are on, the time on-site and other important information that will allow the agent to prioritise and target a chat invitation, for example to a visitor seemingly struggling on your check-out page!

Increase service level

Online chat support today is a standard for companies who care about the service level they provide. By providing the option to chat, you become one step closer to your customers and they will definitely appreciate this, with obvious results.

Live website chat window example

What happens on your site

You can see what happens on your website in the JivoChat application in real time. For each client, you can also see how they arrived on your website (i.e. search query, advertisement, link from another website, a social network, etc.). You can learn how your advertising is working in real time and see which employees have already spoken to each client.

Important features

  • Proactive, automatic chat invitations
  • Mobile chat applications for iOS and Android
  • Quick phrases (canned responses)
  • Remote page pointer
  • Client message preview
  • Webcalls

What's next?

Please get in touch and we'll set you up with a 14-day trial.