Web Design and Hosting: Presence

Our website design and hosting product is called Pesence. As the name implies, included is everything necessary to provide you not just with a website but with a great online presence. Whether this is a brand new website or re-launching an existing site, included are the analysis, design and content (-migrations) for building the best possible representation for your organization. Before we launch your site we will aim to fully understand the requirements for your site, what do you wish your visitors to achieve on your site? We will focus on the right balance between design, functionality and usability.

Mobile First

All our newly designed websites will follow a mobile device first, responsive design approach. This means we start by designing for the smallest mobile phone device and adapt the layout and functionality increasingly for tablets, through to laptops, desktops and large widescreen smart televisions. We develop web-standards compliant, HTML5 websites which are regularly upgraded for the benefit of all our customers.

Social Media Integration

A great website is not all there is to a solid online presence. Social media is another factor to be increasingly taken into account. Zumey will make sure your business or organisation is seamlessly represented as part of our Presence product. In addition, we also offer a complete Social Media Management service.

Fully Managed

All our presence sites are fully managed, meaning that you do not have to have any technical or other concerns about the day to day running of your site. You will have access to the Content Management System (CMS), so changes can be made directly by whoever you appoint. Nonetheless, we are equally happy to publish content changes for you. If you prefer, we’ll also design the new artefacts to be published along with your content.

Always Available

So that we sleep well at night too, all our sites and servers are monitored 24 x 7 so that if there is an unforeseen issue, we will be the first to know. Issues are very rare though, greatly due to our servers being backed by on one of the world’s most solid and reliable (99.9% uptime) infrastructure providers. This is also noticeable in the great performance of all sites hosted by us.

Seamless Integration

Presence can also be seamlessly combined with our other digital marketing products such as InTouch, which takes care of managing your online marketing campaigns, or InTouch360, an online customer survey application.

As well as with our own products, we have extensive experience integrating eCommerce functionality. This includes for example shopping cart functionality, card payment gateways and restaurant and hotel reservation systems.


We consider ourselves responsible marketeers and therefore aim to comply with the relevant EU and UK privacy and advertising laws. It maintains not only our reputation, but also that of our customers.