Manage your Social Media: Presence Social

A good online presence is no longer just a beautiful, functional website. The role of Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook in online marketing has increased tremendously in recent years and is also a key element that influences the position of your website in the search engine results.

As part of our standard Presence Web Design & Hosting product we will integrate with various Social Media from day one. We will assist in setting up the correct type of account and page for your business if these do not already exist. Our content management system is able to automatically push notifications to various social media channels, similarly email campaigns will automatically be posted to Facebook, Twitter, etc. as required.

Zumey Social Media Management Examples of Social Media Icons

But I already have a Facebook page...

We have seen several of our succesful campaign reach massive audiences in record times using social media. But, like the content of your website, social media needs maintenance. Publishing new articles, images, responding to comments, setting up events, inviting friends, and so on. A task that quickly becomes very time consuming.


This is where we are able to help. As part of our Engage product we offer three levels of Social Media Management, to suit both your requirements and your budget. We can take over all or part of the management of your Social Media channels as well as carefully monitor your reputation. We will post new articles, images, respond to comments, and so on. All at set intervals or on-demand.

Stay ahead of the trend

Whilst Facebook is certainly one of the best known and most widely used Social Media platforms, it is important to stay ahead of the trend in Social Media use, in particular in relation to your key markets. Often other platforms, such as Twitter and Pinterest, are under-utilised and may be the source of your next wave of new customers. Thanks to our experience across several markets we can help you choose the best Social Media channels for your organisation.

Review sites

A sample of a 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence as earned by many Zumey customers Social Presence also includes maintaining your business listings on review sites, a good example of which is TripAdvisor. We can even help you set up the techniques to generate maximum positive reviews and even get value from the critical ones. Many of our customers receive TripAdvisor's "Certificate of Excellence" within the first year of us lending our expertise.