Email Marketing: InTouch

One of our best performing turnkey products is called InTouch. This will allow you to pro-actively get in touch with your customers and generate remarketing and cross-sales opportunities. We will maintain your contacts and sales leads and design and send the emails. Apart from mailinglist subscriber management, we will also keep track of important statistics to help us, together with you, analyse the success of your InTouch campaign. This includes tracking of email openings, clicking on links, spam reports and unsubscribes.

Email Newsletters by Zumey Digital Media

Generate Business

Certain business models aside, maintaining contact with your customers is always beneficial. If not just to create opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling, it may also generate new customers through forwarding, social media sharing and old fashioned word-of-mouth.

No Spam

We follow industry standard guidelines and obbey privacy laws, such as CAN-SPAM and the UK Information Commissioners Office guidelines, for avoiding being blocked as a spammer. We will help to ensure that the the contents of any campaign are least likely to get marked as spam. It can get a bit complicated but, as always, we will worry about that side of things for you.

In Education

If your school sends out a regular newsletter to the parents and guardians, why not take the hassle (but not the fun!) out of the distribution and let us design and distribute your newsletter via email? We will also maintain your distribution lists as well as the recipients' own email preferences. We can also separate important notifications from general school news, so the tech-savvy grandparents can sign up too.

Get serious about marketing: InTouch360

Serious marketing cannot stand alone, it relies on data from a diverse range of sources to consistenly and predictably hit targets. Apart from the usual website and social media analytics we use as standard for profiling customer behaviour, for those who are serious about marketing, we offer the ability to collect customer feedback with InTouch360. This highly integrated survey engine can be triggered automatically on your website or using other media, such as email.