About Zumey Industrial Engineering

The proprietors of Zumey, after working for over 15 years in the information technology arena for a multitude of companies, ranging from small, technology-savvy businesses to global enterprises in logistics, finance and online entertainment, incorporated Zumey to provide a unique service not easily found elsewhere. 

Unique Selling Point

Our unique selling point finds its origins in a diverse, but strong, combination of experience in technology, business and marketing. This provides us with a deep insight into what it takes to make a company that does well, do great.

Why should a company that specialises in anything but technology attempt to manage their own technology? Of course, a company can invest in hiring in-house skills, but unless you have the budget to hire a project manager, a business analyst, a server administrator, a programmer, an SEO specialist and a marketeer together with a super-talented web designer, this business is leaving a skills-gap critical to a great end-to-end solution that brings real value.

This is where Zumey Industrial Engineering has the expertise to deliver that great end-to-end solution. We don't believe in running a project or even a program that doesn't deliver value from day one, so we will help our customers to make the right decisions by providing skills and expertise, without major investment.

Value Added Reselling

We don't believe in just selling you a software license or a service to get our invoice paid and walk away. We believe in building strong, long-lasting partnerships with our customers - and our current customers will confirm this - it has delivered very high return on investment.

That's also why our advice is always free. Whether we guide you through an Office 365 migration or a move towards Adobe Creative Cloud, our pre-sales support will help you determine the right solution for your needs, whilst our ongoing support pricing is one of the most competitive available.

Streamlined Communications

Unless you contract one of our very talented interim on-site resources (we will have personally worked with each and every one of them!), probably most of what you will see of us is one of our project directors. Streamlined, transparent communications, that gets our vote.

Cross Sector

With a combined background in more than 10 vertical markets, we can safely say that we have the cross-sector expertise required to understand the specific needs of a wide variety of sectors, including:

  • Finance and accounting
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Real-estate and property management
  • Global logistics and infrastructure
  • Hospitality and catering
  • Online gaming and entertainment
  • Primary, Secondary and Private Education
  • Charities and other Not-for-profit Organisations


The Education sector has always been one of our favourite markets to operate in and deserves a special mention. After all, the students are our future colleagues and the inventors of the new technology that in years to come will become part of daily life. 

Many of the software licenses that we sell offer special discounts or concessions for education, chartities and not-for-profit organisations. Of course, eligibility criteria apply, but we can guide you through the vendor selection process and help you to provide the evidence required for determining your eligibility.

For this reason, we are a Microsoft Authorised Education Partner and employ Adobe Certified Sales Professionals for Education.